TEDx Congress Center

Design concept for a waterfront development housing TEDx events in Belgrade


Designing architecture for the prestigious TEDx conferences involves considering both the functional requirements and the symbolic significance of the space. While a large auditorium was a necessity, the rest of the design was left to my discretion. The chosen location was the emerging waterfront area of Savamala. Given its visibility from the other side of the river and the bridges, this space demanded a monumental presence befitting its panoramic significance.


Studio Project


Winter 2017




Solo Project

A contemporary colloseum

A round, glowing, elegant stadium-like structure symbolizes the egalitarian ideals of an enlightened and collaborative society the TED talks encourage. The man-made topography elevates the building above the panorama, also creating a ‘natural’ outdoor amphitheatre.


Where as the ground floor hous- es the ‘public’ spaces, such as the library and the restaurant, the upper, ‘mezzanine’ like floors house the exhibition spaces. Below ground is the largest part of the building. Here the visitors can enjoy the large circular amphitheatre where the main talks are held, as well as an adjacent smaller convention hall. A circular atrium runs through the whole building connects the floors, creating a feeling of one wholesome, contemporary and democratic space.