Aleks Marjanovic

Interdisciplinary Architect

Hi, I'm Aleks.

stuff-maker, optimistic-realist and book-worm extraordinaire

I'm nomadic

I’ve been switching homes pretty regularly these past 27 years. I was born in Serbia, grew up in Canada and now I’m living and working in Germany, where I finished my studies interdisciplinary design.

I’m a voracious learner

and I’ll read anything that gets in my way. I love to gain new insights on emerging trends and technology, and play around with it myself. I’m keen on learning new things, which is what I base my professional decisions on in this period of my life.

and the best way to learn is to teach…

I’ve facilitated projects both during my academic years at university and at the Service Design Network, where I currently work, and I always have a personal project or two with a small team running in parallel. My current goal is to develop further my communication design skills by participating in fascinating projects with awesome people. Whether in the digital or physical realm, I aim to help messages and experiences come to life in a way that is both useful, delightful and attractive. If you want to work with me on creating something of that sort, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Novice Literary Critic


I love to read, and I love analysing things, so I put the two together!

Amature Dactilograph

Secret Skill

Some people are double jointed, others can spit far. Me, I type fast.

Social Media Guru

Secret Skill

I've managed the @SDNetowrk twitter channel with over 10 000 followers!

HTML 5 enthusiast


A nerdy hobby I love to get lost in. I edited the code to this site myself!