Rasadnik Community Housing

Design concept for 600 appartments in a rural part of Lazarevac, Serbia


We were tasked with designing 600 apartments on a rectangular piece of green land. This land would be the beginning of a larger housing development project in the area. Previously, the land was primarily used as a nursery garden for various fruit trees and plants. Despite its proximity to the town center, the surrounding neighborhood consisted mostly of sparsely scattered family houses.




Spring 2015




Dunja Simic, Katarina Mijic, Dragana Ciprianovic

Contextualising the Development

To blend the architecture with the surrounding houses despite the large number of apartments, we aimed to create a small gathering space for the neighborhood. This would maintain harmony with the picturesque environment while avoiding intrusion. Ground-floor shops were planned, as well as square with a charming fountain at the plot's edge, along the main street.

Optimal Units

We created interconnected corridors along the facades of the G-shaped complex, turning them into "indoor gardens" that provided outdoor views. These transformed corridors became lively activity hubs for residents, preserving the essence of garden living while adding a new focal point to the complex.

Indoor "Gardens"

To accommodate the large number of required apartments, we developed over 10 diverse unit designs. Our focus was to ensure that each unit received ample sunlight, which we achieved by using the the sanitary facilities as a zoning element. Almost all units feature a small balcony facing the landscape. The apartments were 10 meters long, with an additional 4 meters of connecting corridor.

“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.”

- Barry Commoner, American cellular biologist and leading ecologist