The Connolly's Experience

Enliven and restore an icon music venue in rural Ireland into a creative spatial experience


The Irish Music Venue architecture competition focuses on breathing new life into an existing and iconic music venue in the heart of rural Ireland. You can take a closer look here.


Bee Breaders


Spring 2018


-Experience Design,


Cirian Duffy,
Dragana Ciprianovic

Our unique approach

1. Digitally enhanced existing spaces to create new ways for audiences to engage in the Connolly’s history.
2. Introduce new facilities for artists in residence and enable those artists to engage more deeply with Connolly’s.
3. Conduct user research as a primary source of inspiration for design decisions.

By harnessing its unique asset as a rural music centre, renowned for both the musicians it hosts, Connolly’s can become a centre for international, cultural and artistic exchange.

“We want to keep the atmosphere we have alive, but we want to infuse it with a sense of magic and culture.”

- Eileen Conolly, Client

New Interactions

The Connolly’s of Leap app enhances the space at Connolly’s, by harnessing the power of Augmented Reality to highlight the heritage of the bar, as well as Leap itself. Curated content also transforms Connolly’s into a platform for Irish Music, engaging with new audiences each day. Together with the extended outdoor area, this new digital strategy helps elevate the visitor’s experience of Connolly’s of Leap both at the bar, and when engaging with Connolly’s online.

A Home | For Musicians

We designed minimal 2 living pods for muscian housing in the gardens. Because of their modularity and easy fabrication, the pods are sustainable allow for "scaling and growth" as Connolly's grows. Musicians will be invited to perform and be recorded for the Connolly’s of Leap app.

A Venue | For Audiences

The interior of Connolly’s, is both celebrated and historic. New digital channel provides Connolly’s with the tools to become a greater platform for music, reaching new audiences daily. The spatial concept also provides new physical spaces for interactions. This is includes an extended indoor venue, an exhibition space in the form of a glass house, and a new outdoor stage.

“Connolly's is a magical place surrounded by beautful nature.”

- Owner of Inn across from Connolly's venue
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