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Design concept for an educational facility in the woods


In the scenic setting of Košutnjak park, renowned for its natural beauty and lush flora, I faced the challenge of integrating a man-made structure without disturbing the forest habitat. The task was to select an educational faculty from the University of Belgrade and design its architectural intervention in Košutnjak.


Studio Project


Spring 2016




Solo Project

A New Landmark

A cautious sensitivity is necessary to create architecture in a woodland area. The popular choice seemed to be to hide the building or make it blend with the environment as much as possible. I chose to, instead of camouflaging the architecture, to make it stand out in a way that celebrates the forest and sloping topography. A monumental expression amonst the trees.

Form follows Slope

Since the terrain is very steep, the lower part of the building is submerged below ground. This houses the calm and individual working spaces. Group work activities are found on the ground floor, including a small library and a cafe. The top floor or ‘roof’ of the building cascades downward, following the slope, and organically building the typography of an auditorium. To shield professors and students from the harsh Belgrade sun during lectures given there, a semi-opaque tensile structure stretches out like a proud mast at sea.

Form Follows Sun

The triangular shaped plan is a also a result of the slopping terrain and its relation to the sun. The shape was adopted in order to gain as much daylight as possible for the interior during working hours

Interior follows Discovery

Rather than selecting a single faculty, I opted for an integrated design space that would bring together students from various disciplines for collaborative projects. This design concept encompassed areas for exploration, ideation, collaboration, and prototyping, fostering interdisciplinary interactions. The idea of students and mentors from different fields working together on a shared project was groundbreaking for Belgrade, offering a novel approach to education and innovation.

“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.”

- Aleksander Graham Bell, Inventor