Aleks Marjanovic

Interdisciplinary Architect

The Darkside of Design

An exhibition on the changing role of the design field

From Aesthetics to Politics: understanding the role

Communicating the heavy issues design deals with to a general public can be tricky. What do they already know (or think they know) about design? How do we show the ‘darker’, complex topics that contemporary design attempts to tackle? These were the questions the exhibition team of the Cologne Long Night of the Museums used as a brief.

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From Darkness to light

The concept of ‘dark’ topics gave the imitating spark for the general exhibition. We created a walkthrough from a dark room, saturated with ghostly sounds and lit only by a number of small flashlights, through a ‘transition’ room, and into the lounge area, or ‘utopia’, where the music was joyous and the furnishing bright, as a metaphor for the design process when tackling hard issues such as Care for Dementia Patients or the loss of identity in a globalised society.

Facilitator, Coordinator, lecturer, one of the team…

During a two month period, along with Hassan Elkady’s assistance, I lead this small team of 5 very dedicated students of KISD to bring this project to life. We did everything ourselves, from conception, visualisation through to implementation, sponsorship, procurement, even catering! But it was a challenging, yet rich experience for all involved.