Aleks Marjanovic

Interdisciplinary Architect

Waterfront Regeneration System

A network Cultural hubs to incite urban development

How do you fix acres upon acres of broken land?

Debris, trash and wild plantations rule the 8 acres of waterfront in the European capital city of Belgrade. A diamond in the rough… and yet a purely architectural solution for sparking urban development here wouldn’t be enough. It was necessary to think about a comprehensive strategy for urban regeneration.


There are incubators for small business, why not incubators for urban regeneration? These would serve a similar purpose to attract a vivacity that is currently missing in order for this area of great potential to grow. Who wouldn’t want to live, work, relax and take their kid out by the riverside if there were complementary amenities to allow for it?

‘Slow’ architecture for urban development

Fast solutions won’t work here- there’s simply not enough infrastructure to merit a large, one time investment. Not only would it be difficult to find investors, but the result would simply be unsustainable. Thinking in 4D, meaning that it’s necessary to take time into consideration, as well as space, it’s necessary to leave ‘pockets’ and ‘skeletons’- areas and unfinished building frameworks that will slowly mature and fill over time as people move in and the area comes to life.