Aleks Marjanovic

Interdisciplinary Architect

Pearson Organic Learning

Reimagining Adult Education in 2027

The Brief

A dream team of gal-pal design graduates trying to move forward in our careers decided to come together for competition hosted by D&AD and Pearson. The Brief was to to Identify an issue, challenge or opportunity presented by the global scale of education in 2027 – ten years from now and then to design a product, service or campaign to address it.

The Outcome

We presented our idea in the form of a short, interview video spliced with animation to clarify the concept. The team did everything from script writing, acting to shooting, animation and editing. Check it out bellow!

The Research

We spent a lot of time analysing current trends as well as thoughts about how the future of learning would change. We decided to focus on a particular group of individuals we dubbed “transitionals”- those who are working in a different field of profession than what they were educated for. Amongst ourselves, we conducted in depth interviews with 10 transitional, and extrapolated our main product idea based on the

If you would like to read in detail about the user-centered design process, please take a look at the