Aleks Marjanovic

Interdisciplinary Architect

Process and Tools

A systematic, yet fexible process

I’m a big fan of being methodical, because I believe the quality of being well organized and systematic in thought and action can bring better results. And this is especially true when you’re flexible. Methods often need to be changed or adapted , as well as discard it all together. But just like with any good experiment, you won’t know until you hypothesize, and then try i out.

The ‘Double Diamond’ process emphasizes the need for continuous analysis and synthesis that building up on an idea in iterations, rather than a linear process leading directly from idea to implementation. Although my approach to each project is adapted to the scope, topic and resources available, I find that an iterative approach should always be aimed for.


I use a number of different tools for discovering issues pertinent to the design, defining the problem at hand and then using that information to develop and deliver the best outcome. I’ve grown my ‘toolkit’ over the years to include practices outside of the architecture and interior design field, such as service design, critical theory, marketing, graphic design and UX. Feel free to scroll through the list to get a better understanding the methods that make-up my toolkit.

Toolbox for ideation and development

Different projects call for different tools. Thanks to my diverse background and experience, I’ve been able to collect a large toolkit to play around with. Although I believe it is necessary to constantly adapt to most useful for the moment and the brief, there are a couple of tools that I consider my basic arsenal. They include:

  • The full Adobe Suite for graphics and layout
  • Auto Cad for drafting
  • Rhino for modeling
  • Keyshot for rendering
  • Sketch & Invision for prototyping
  • Hand Modelling and Sketching for exploring
  • Interviews & Social Media for user research
  • SublimeText for coding

Although I practice these tools daily in order to hone my design craft, I’m eager and always happy to pick up new ones along the way. In fact, constantly getting to learn new things is what I love most about my profession. Please feel free to contact me if you think theres a chance for learning something new, and creating something awesome together!